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Necklace, Hand painted
Bright Floral hand crafted necklace
Ammo Eyes hot pink glow in the dark bullet slice earring stu
Healing pendant
Sun Pendant
Clockwork Pendant
Amethyst and Onyx Pendant
Tourmaline and diamond ring
Emerald City
Ammo eyes stainless studs  with gift box
45 auto bullet slice dangle inlay earrings mirror finished
Mirror finished 45 auto inlay earrings native American style
Mother of pearl mirror finished dangle earrings Winchester
Ammo Artz ammo eyes. 45 caliber silver with turquoise inlay
Ammo Artz ammo eyes glow in the dark earring studs  see them
Beowulf. 50 caliber  glow in the dark earring studs
9mm luger  turquoise inlay earrings stainless steel studs
Gun primer earrings 45 auto, silver, with turquoise inlay
Gun primer earring  silver 45 auto stainless studs made in C
Sasquatch Jewelry
Handpainted Necklaces
Woodburned Earrings
~Colors Of The Wind~