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Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Regina)
Standing on the Glass Floor at the top of Blackpool Tower
The golden key in the tree
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England, plus other views
Top Waterfall at Gordale Scar plus extra photo
The Approach to Gordale Scar, Malham, Yorkshire, England
The Fir tree pillars
Mirrored worlds
Light above the morning valley
Mango of macaw
The valley by the sea
Winter walls in the Orme
The path in the Lushious valley
Sunrise within the trees
Shelter between the trees
The shadows of the sunny forest in Spring
Eastern Chipmunk, December 5th, 2019
Male White Breasted Nuthatch, December 3rd, 2019
Ottawa, Ohio
The Homestead, from Glen Arbor Bay, Lake Michigan, USA
The Siren Stone
Emerald Jewels
Rainbow and Bald Eagle, Glen Arbor, Michigan
Rain Approaching Skyscape, over Lima, Ohio