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Lady Stylistic
Vintage car
Self portrait#1
Lodge Exterior Rendering Pond Area Landscape Wooden Plank
Waiting Area Photorealistic interior rendering
detail of 'Abstract Feast (Cwmorthin Jewels)'
'Abstract Feast (Cwmorthin Jewels, N. Wales)' 2016-2017
'Misty Mysterious Organic Wonder (Rock Detail, Wales)' 2017
'Ethereal (Old Ruined Cottage in Valley, Wales)' 2016-17
Magnolia Branch interpreted
Cherry Blossom Branch
Just flowers
Making flowers on Monday
Saturday night boredom
Boredom on a Friday
Boredom on a Friday night!
Artistic glass top table. 'Desert oasis dawn'
Artistic glass top table. 'Rose garden'
Lady Lake
mountain of rocks
Maximum Exposure Death of Cyborg Three