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Trouble Maker Strawberry Cat Felt Parfait
Black and White Strawberry Stitch Calico Cat Felt Parfait
Chocolate Custard Calico Cat Felt Parfait
Cat Espresso Sundae Felt Cup
Pink Violet and Purple Calico Cat Parfait
A Cute Cat in a Red Velvet Strawberry Parfait
Spooky Bear Black and White Strawberry Felt Cupcake
Ice Berry Smoothie Ice Cream Sundae Cups
Surreal Black and Pastel Heart Felt Cupcake
Wire Sculptured Tree with Bicycles
Green Shell copper tree with bicycle
The Goddess Hylia Handmade Statue (3" high)
Vase Head "David"
Vase Head "Chaplin"
Vase Head "Buddha"
Vase Head "Batman"
Vase Head "Adam & Eva"
Vase Head Einstein
moon and star
moon and star
paper weight
paper weight
moon lit