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Looking for Berries
Tummy Covered in Seeds
Milkweed Bug on Milkweed Plant
Fox Squirrel
Tree Frog in Oak Bark
Juvenile Five Barred Skink
Note the sharp canine teeth
Can I reach... The feeder?
Bandit checks out the feeder path
Wholemeal Bread. Thanks, Guys
Like a Cork in a Bottle!
Grey Squirrel at the Bird Bath
Foxy at the feeders
Fox Squirrel Straddles Two Trees to raid the sunflower feede
Grey Squirrel at the bird feeder
Fox Squirrel swinging on the bird feeder
Fox Squirrel on our mailbox pole
American Pine Squirrel
American Pine Squirrel with bread scaps
American Pine Squirrel on bird feeder
Young female Whitetail Deer
Storm and Young Whitetail Deer
Juvenile female Whitetail Deer - with "Baby Spots"