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Western Chorus Froglet
Juvenile Jefferson Salamander
Green Treefrog on our windowsill
Green Treefrog
Green Frog,  (Rana Clemitans)
Grey Tree Frog on the Wheelbarrow Handle (Hyla versicolor)
Fowler's Toadlet
Juvenile Five Barred Skink
Eastern Grey Tree Frog  (Hyla versicolor)
Eastern American Toad,   (Anaxyrus americanus)
Basking Red Eared Slider
Baby Wood Frog   (Lithobates sylvaticus)
Baby Tree Frog
Baby Fowler's Toad  (Anaxyrus fowleri )
Adult Five Barred Skink
Bandit swinging on the seed feeder
Roland and the Bandit
Bandit digging for dropped seeds from the feeders
Female Raccoon at the feeders
I think we've identified the Fat Block Thief
Bandit raids the seed feeder
Hey Roland! Where's our food?
Young Fox Squirrel drinking from the bird bath
How Many Squirrels?