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Janus Roman God of Light and Sky'
Laurel's Naked Fairy Dance Colored
Human Skeleton
High-Contrast black and white casino art of Mozambique flag
Star Wars: Shuttle Tydirium
2-point perspective drawing
rebirth to goodbye
Square marks the spot.
Eye See You Casino Illusion
Collaboration w/ Dan Hazelton
Hestia Fire Goddess (Greek) or Vesta (Roman)
Hearst Castle
Collaboration w/ Dan Hazelton
Psychedelic flower illusion of a rose
Avatar Fan Art - Neytiri and Jake
Optical illusion of psychedelic lightning bolt for an online
Silent Hill School Spirit
Triangular Tunnel Spikes Illusion
Trying Triangles Of An Online Casino
Ocean Art Collage
1-point perspective
USS Monitor: Lost in the Storm