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Queen of Spades
Bodega at Night - Miniature Sculpture
Queen of Diamonds
lil miss muffett
Grape Stomp
"Happy Girl" in the style of Vhils
Butterfly world
Manhattan Storefront - Mixed Media Sculpture by Randy Hage
NYC bodega at night - miniature
Taste of Madness
City of Pipes. Framed Copper Pipe Sculpture.
Storefront Art - Miniature Sculpture by Randy Hage
Chesapeake Bay workboat,JOHNNY BOY(SOLD)
New York Storefront in miniature
3D Exterior Rendering Shopping Mall Design
Wreck boats ( SOLD )
Tattoo Sugar Skull
Vesuvio Bakery - Details
Space Patrol - Scale model
Red Sky
New York Grocery - Miniature Sculpture
Helen Elliott Tenby West Wales