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Chesapeake Bay model work boats
Emerging Eye, Olive wood sculpture
Westeros map
Chesapeake Bay model work boat (sold)
Chesapeake bay workboat (MISS ALISON) SOLD
Liquid Plywood
Sacred Eagle Feather - SOLD -
Chesapeake Bay buy boat " WAYNE CHRISTY "
The work boat PROMISE
Gyrfalcon wood carving
Model work boat Thomas J
Western Diamondback rattlesnake skin and heads
Model work boats under construction
The Buy Boat Candice Marie
Model work boat (DUDLEY) SOLD
Bonitum liquid plywood
Hatching, Olive wood sculpture
Western Diamondback rattlesnake skin frames
The Chesapeake bay skipjack ROSIE PARKS
Hello Mr Warhole
Model Workboat " MISS MARTHA" sold