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coyote papier mache
Mother and Child Sculpture- "Precious"
NYC Bodega in Miniature
City of Pipes. Framed Copper Pipe Sculpture.
Donuts Coffee Shop Sculpture vs. Real Structure
Mars Bar NYC vs sculpture
Yonah Shimmel Bakery - Miniature Sculpture
CBGB in miniature
Black Bear Bowl cell phone holder jewelry dish food dish
Yonah Shimmel - scale model comparison photo
King Cobra
McSorley's Old Ale House in miniature
teal dragon
Trapped Sculpture
Mastim Napolitano Papier mache sculpture
outreached hands
labrador retrivier
Ideal Hosiery
Beaver sculpture made in USA from a lump of clay hand sculpt
Easter Bunny Ready for Adoption Lucky rabbit 4 intact rabbit
Dragonfly rose ladybug jewelry tray handmade in USA
The Savior
King cobra 2