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Mother and Child Sculpture- "Precious"
Black Bear Bowl cell phone holder jewelry dish food dish
Beaver sculpture made in USA from a lump of clay hand sculpt
Easter Bunny Ready for Adoption Lucky rabbit 4 intact rabbit
Dragonfly rose ladybug jewelry tray handmade in USA
Yoga Sculpture - Bow Pose
Easter bunny hand made in USA from a lump of clay
Bird Nest No.8 - Wire Sculpture
Purple elephant vase made in USA from a lump of clay
Birch Tree Blue bird plate serving
Bay Arab Mare
Inspirational Sculpture- "Daydreamer"
Bird Nest #7 - Wire Sculpture, by Sal Villano
Black Bear Ceramic dish handmade from a lump of clay
Changing Face
Bird Nest No.6 - Wall Art Sculptue
Wind Swept on Ice, Mini Wire Tree Sculpture
Bird Nest No.1 - Wire Sculpture
When Green Pigs Fly Sculpture Hsnd sculpted in USA from a lu
Sweet pig with unusual glaze hand sculpted in USA and fired
2 faces (see other side)
Nest in Silver Branch, Wire Sculpture
Mushroom Soap Dish handmade in USA