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Delicate Industrial, a subtly steampunk ring
80 ct. Amethyst Pendant
original #flower pendant necklace
Pink Tourmaline and Quartz Ring
Ametrine Pendant
Watermelon Tourmaline Carving
original #flower pendant necklace
Cityscape Pendant
Deco Pendant
Citrine Pendant 2nd View
Fluted Quartz and White Gold Bracelet
Untitled Necklace
day at the skatepark
Rocket Ship Pendant
Red Flake Jasper Pendent Necklace
The Irresistible Light
Twisted Brooch
Bicolor Topaz Fish Pemdant
Agate and Blue Chalcedony Ring
Botanical Broach
Floral Broach
Ziggurat Earrings
Crazy Lace (back)