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Carlota - Bulldog
Joseph Smith Bust
Multi Color Oak - Wire Tree Sculpture
Mushroom Shaman
Hulked out English bull terrier
CBGB in miniature
Yoga Sculpture- Warrior Pose
Black Bear Bowl cell phone holder jewelry dish food dish
Yonah Shimmel - scale model comparison photo
King Cobra
McSorley's Old Ale House in miniature
Achilles, and death of  Patroclus
Winter Willow, wire tree sculpture
Hulk bust
teal dragon
New York Grocery in Miniature
Trapped Sculpture
Tapio - Green God or Spirit of the Finnish Forest
Hickory in Blue Base - Wire Tree Sculpture
Weeping Willow - Mini Wire Tree Sculpture
Upright Willow - Mini Wire Tree Sculpture
Mastim Napolitano Papier mache sculpture