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outreached hands
labrador retrivier
Ideal Hosiery
Easter Bunny Ready for Adoption Lucky rabbit 4 intact rabbit
Beaver sculpture made in USA from a lump of clay hand sculpt
The Old Guitarist (copy)
Dragonfly rose ladybug jewelry tray handmade in USA
The Savior
Eyes Closed
Pearl Paint and Me
King cobra 2
Mars Bar
Joshua Tree with Blossom, Wire Tree Sculpture
"Body of Water"
Ideal Hosiery
Rajasthani Jharokha (Window)
Nick's Luncheonette Sculpture vs. Real Structure
CBGB comparison photos
Nick's Luncheonette - Mixed Media Sculpture
grey whale sculpture totem fired in a kiln 2X's
Yoga Sculpture - Bow Pose
Easter bunny hand made in USA from a lump of clay