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Ideal Hosiery
Joseph Smith Bust
Easter Bunny Ready for Adoption Lucky rabbit 4 intact rabbit
The Old Guitarist (copy)
Beaver sculpture made in USA from a lump of clay hand sculpt
Dragonfly rose ladybug jewelry tray handmade in USA
The Savior
Pearl Paint and Me
Mars Bar
Eyes Closed
Ideal Hosiery
"Body of Water"
Nick's Luncheonette Sculpture vs. Real Structure
Joshua Tree with Blossom, Wire Tree Sculpture
Rajasthani Jharokha (Window)
Nick's Luncheonette - Mixed Media Sculpture
grey whale sculpture totem fired in a kiln 2X's
CBGB comparison photos
Easter bunny hand made in USA from a lump of clay
Umbrella Bonsai, wire tree sculpture
Ideal Hosiery
Black Ice - Wire Tree Sculpture