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Jade Cascade #1 - Wire Tree Sculpture
King cobra 2
Mighty Wind Swept - Wire Tree Sculpture
Black Bear Ceramic dish handmade from a lump of clay
Sudden nap
Lonely girl
Pre-Flight Pelican
"High Country Moment" (Big Horn Sheep)
Lifesize female head 1 (10/08) - profile
Sculptures by Adel Al Abbasi - Arabic Calligraphy - Bahrain
Harlequin, la Fin du Siecle
Changing Face
rodeshian ridge back
Wind Swept on Stones, Wire Tree Sculpture
Gold Wind Swept, wire tree sculpture - by Sal Villano
king kum kum
Bird Nest No.6 - Wall Art Sculptue
Mohave Agave
The Cup of Kells
free standing silver leaf
Tondo the Elephant Girl