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Bob's Toothpick City - Toothpick Art
Melting Face Sculpture
Katz's Deli in miniature
Mushroom Soap Dish handmade in USA
Asian Gold Leaves - Wire Tree Sculpture
TE Lawrence and Dahoum
Small Apple No.2 - Beaded Wire Tree Sculpture, by Sal Villan
chinese cristed dog
Purple elephant vase made in USA from a lump of clay
english bulldog
Birch Tree Blue bird plate serving
Kristallnacht, Tree of Life
Winter Bird Nest - Wire Tree Sculpture, by Sal Villano
The Goddess Hylia Handmade Statue (3" high)
Mare and Foal A mother and child reunion Vase
Come Unto Me
Greenware-Clay Sculpture Bust
Rusted Willow, wire tree sculpture
The Ascent of Water
Gold Leaf Maple Wire Tree Sculpture
Collection (Fibrous Waximus) - Detail 40