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Come Unto Me
The Ascent of Water
Steampunk Insect Bug Collection
Beaded Oak, wire tree sculpture - by Sal Villano
Internal Organs 1 by Leonardo da Vinci
Rusted Willow, wire tree sculpture
Imaginary Friend
Bay Arab Mare
Collection (Fibrous Waximus) - Detail 40
The Invincible Ironbull
Masquerade Feathers
Beaded in Brass Base - Wire Tree Sculpture, by Sal Villano
Elm on Lawn - Wire Tree Sculpture
angel holding world
Giant Scorpion
Fish towel rack wall decor made in USA
La aficionada de abanico
Inspirational Sculpture- "Daydreamer"
Collection (Fibrous Waximus) - Detail 35
The intolerable music
Miniature grey whale totally unique