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The Marquesa Estelle De Large
Never worked in my life.
Drucilla Brooke -Runcimen.
The greatest piper in de Welt
Daphne Logan - Buchanan
Somewhere in Tayside
Bernadette O 'Grady and Brigitta J Wimmer.
A cold day in Edinburgo
Muriel the Countess of Forgan.
The Northern outpost.
Millicent J Lumsden and Harriett D Mc Phillips.
Picnic near the grassy beach
Primrose J Westwater
This Wunderbar life.
They don't like pencils either
Soon South
We are very P C.(Celebration)
Mooter und chachter
Old fashioned centre forward (good in the ayre)
Friday at the twelfth SG
Georgie und Theresa
Googie Winters
Lady Ice of Tusmore