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Play Doh Ninjas
Arthur's first, and last, bungee jump.
Genetically Modified Popcorn
We Shall Never Forget
"Oh........   whatever" !!!
Pop - Up Shop ( Optical Illusion )
Caught on Film.......  the truth is out there !!!
Misty Day by the Old Pier
Dorothy Gale
Bird Strike  !!!
Kitty in the laundry basket.
Temple of Horus, Edfu, Egypt.
Overweight cat, sleeping.
The Beatles.   Lego Edition.
Atom Bomb Test.  Bikini Atoll, 1954
More victims of the economic downturn.
Jim, Pete, George and Mike.   The Bootleg Beatles
Sugar Mice.....  One lump or two ?
Apple,  slightly mouldy.
Some garlic for Halloween
It's Just a Game
Winter Coats
The Exorcist's Cat
The Whirling Dervish