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Macabre Setting for Disjointed Family Expectations
Old Man with Messianic Hands
Translucent Fragments of a Broken Family, 2007
Before the Deity
Three Women, Seated
Man with Eyes Closed Dressed in Cloak, Drawing, circa-1979 /
Seated Female Nude with Right Hand on Knee, Drawing, circa-1
Girl with Hands Held Up, Drawing, circa-1983
Is it Not the Age for the Destruction of Motherhood, Oil on
THE TREE HOUSE, 1988, 80 in. X 90 in, oil on canvas.
One Can't Bear To See One's T ruth, 1988, 52.75 in.
INFANTS BEFORE THE RISING SUN, 2003, Oil on Canvas, 41.92 in
The Passage From This Life Into the Next...
RESIDENTIAL SWEEP, 1997, Oil on Canvas, 69.75 in. X 80.17 in
MOTHER-GIANT--OFFSPRING, Circa-1995, 70 in. X 88 in. (estima
SENTIMENTAL MEMORY, circa-1994, Oil on canvas
THE HUNTERS, 1987, 68 in. x 80 in.
The Path That Brings All Together, Then Leads Them Astray,19
You Can Close One Eye, but Can You Wash Your Blood-Staned Ha
Clear Vision of Memory, 1994, oil on canvas, 52 in. x 72.25
FLIGHT OF DEATH, 1988, 80 in. x 87 in.
A DOLL'S HOUSE, 1988, 70.17 in x 90.25 in.
Twist andTurn with Rhythmic Ease, 1989, 80 in. x 87 in.