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Salvador Dali
Falling apart
"Craving for freedom"
"Gilded light"
High Ground Departure * 2019 Kiddolucaslee
Riverside Ancient City   *  2019 Kiddolucaslee
A Morning at South China Sea   *  2019 KIddolucaslee
jacob the dreamer
New York X
Subterrenean Fedex VII
Bridge in autumn
Sunday Morning coming down
Hey your to close to the water
Gouache Betta Fish
House with a View
Operation "A little to the left"
"The" headshot outdoor photograph of an unknown entity named
Hhow Aakward Llife Ccan Bbe Ssometimes
The Backside of Another Nameless City
Microphone or Madness?
A Moment In Time
Blue Margret "aka: Bluegret"