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Into The Wormhole
Maximum Exposure Death of Cyborg Three
Mistical Dance of Sufis
The Eye Within The Portal of Our Universe !
Under The Gospel Stars "Lord Thy Will Be Done"
Please don't test me now!
Robats, Drones and Cyborgs
I am being among many beings!
I have no name!
In to the World of Unknown
C My Full Robe Sting at Work!
Sufi and His Magickal Universe
The Soul of the is the Soul!
Ash to Ash Dust to Dust That is the End!
Wild Cougar F Vsh Money
Call Me What You Will!
Your Destiny is your own Hands!
I am Izrael The Angel of Death
“He will Rise in the End again and claim his Incense”
My master is protected at all times
We can be such good friends you and I.
1 name many faces of Spirit.