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A Deliverance of Heaven's Frailties and Hell's Beneficence
Macabre Setting for Disjointed Family Expectations
A Child Remembers the Day the Sun Came Crashing
The Passage from the Next Life into the Now
Mother and Children, 1985-2011, Pastel, Charcoal, China Mark
Man with Eyes Closed Dressed in Cloak, Drawing, circa-1979 /
RAIN-WASHED MAN AND WOMAN, 2003, Oil on Canvas, 62.17 in. X
Is it Not the Age for the Destruction of Motherhood, Oil on
THE LOWER ROOM, 1992,  X 68.17 in.
SUNBATHERS, 2006, 42.25 in.  X 62.25 in.
MAN WITH CHILDREN, 2004, Oil on Canvas.
SITUATION ON A SINKING TABLE, 1999, Oil on canvas, 67 in. X
PARADOX OF ORDER WITHIN DISORDER, 1999, li on Canvas, 72 in.
SALUTATION TO THEIR MEMORY,  1999, Oil on Canvas, 72.17 in X
THE TREE HOUSE, 1988, 80 in. X 90 in, oil on canvas.
SIDE OF LUST, 2006, 56.75 in. X 42 in.
YOU DO THIS; I AM THIS, 2000, 71.25 in. x 51.25 in.