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Maiden's Daughters of Confusion
In memoriam; One's past, one's legacy
Relationships of Disconnect
Old Man with Messianic Hands
The Fallen
Mood Dream
Infidels, 2008, oil on canvas
Translucent Fragments of a Broken Family, 2007
Somebody Bigger Has Control of You ...
Interlocked Family, 2006
Before the Deity
Man in a Mirror, 1981/2012
Seated Girl on a Stool with Legs Open; 1980-2012
The Looking Glass, 1980/2012
Maiden's Night
Maiden Of The Wind
An Unknown
Another Seated Woman, Seated on Small Table
Seated Naked Woman, Head Down
Three Women, Seated
Small Self-Portrait 1983
Seated Woman with Bent Legs
Seated Man
FAINTLY VISIONARY, 2005, Oil on canvas, 62.5 in. x 42.5 in.