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I dont believe in it even after 50 years.
Leisure time.
They grabbed the land years back.
Green hat and shin
Theres them and us(that's just the way it is)
I've moved on from the past
Izzy,Georgee,Dotty and Lotty.
Joyce D Parker.
The highest point in the Toon
From NY to Dundee East
It's a true saying.YOUR A LANG TIME DAID.
The counter culture is history
Ive still got a lot to learn.
The monthly subscribtion.
Piper at the whatever
Another Gene carrier
Urban life
A second cousin of JJB
They don't make them like they used to
Time goes by very very kwickly
The system is BIGGER than us
I was very naive once upon a time
VAR is not for me
GW and I should have been good friends