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The overtime rate is good.
Bunny Savauge-Oakshott.
Jonjo Mulchachy Jnr.
Lady Rose and pooch.
A somebody from TV.
A bygone age.
A damp day in Jute city.
Sitting at the baar(again)
Its a fair size town this.
The Apex.
What are we here for?
This day will end soon
36 plus in plus two's.
Every second is precious.
There were problems in manufacture(par for the course)
The first day of the rest of my life.
The greatest hieland wedding EVER.
Good writer
Its that time again.
A tranquil moment.
Its all a question of luck and timing(everything).
I worked here for 40 years.
Somebody's Auntie I believe.
Orange and the Green