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Woman from Kos
Woman in the Forest
Alledged Life And Surpassing The Strain! Hmmm!
How and Then and Time and Spent
Magnificent Marty
Eyes and Paws
staight smile and straight sinister
Service For Mr. Palace Vill.
Fiery Dolphin Anteater
The World of Meditation, outsider picture + short story
World behind the curtain
An Expression In The Sea Of Time
Berries, Elves, Fairies, Doctor Beauty & off colored Rainbow
Oh Uh Ohm Whally Whally!
Abstract Inclusion
AlienAquaTritonBeholder PetsThePony InQuisitingFlamingoLegs!
Enter The Circus Tent And Come Out Like Me. Step N Enter -In
A Comical Scene Of Indigenous Characters
Flying BirdCat With Dark Sun Glasses Next To Crumbly William
Laughing On A Time Line Is Always Fun
The Light, The Misseltoe Tree and Give Me Some Tongue Amber
Come Here Babe!
Desert Dirt-The Surrogate