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Gecko Tummyscape

Gecko Tummyscape


Jan 18, 2011 – (230 views)

Original fractal e-painting. Over 700 abstracts, now. Whee!

Contact for availability and price.


I use the term E-Art to describe the medium in which the pictures are created. electronically. I use electronic tools (software packages) on a laptop computer to 'paint with electrons'. Both the abstract and fractal E-Art are created on a laptop using software tools. The abstract pictures start with an image that I conceive and 'paint' on the laptop. Then I use the software package facilities to modify the form, colors, textures and etc. The initial image of the fractals are generated automatically. Then I change them. By varying a large number of variables for a fixed fractal formula, I can change colors, form, texture, size and etc. The detail of most of the fractals are generated by the software exercising a formula are generated amazingly fast. The bigger the image, the slower. Color schemes can be altered almost instantly. That is also true of the abstracts being created. Since everything is stored digitally on the laptop, sizes can be altered easily. There are some limits because of pixel size, but it is flexible. Plum exciting. Insanely satisfying. When created, I take the image files to a print shop like Office Max Print services on a floppy or thumbdrive, and have them printed. The colors on the laptop are wowzers. When printed, they really JUMP!
Jan 21, 2011 – glmccoy
Your art is so cool ...but educate me what is E -Art and is it painted etc ?? ,I love all the beautiful colors
Jan 21, 2011 – Brenda Morgado

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