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Star Wars: Death Star Assault II

Star Wars: Death Star Assault II


Oct 19, 2011 – (2781 views)

I have wanted to do this image for a long time. I painted a version based off of the original small image about 15 years ago. There are things I wanted to change and things I wanted to keep the same and I guess I am happy about the outcome. That being said there are a LOT of models in this image all available at Scifi3d and so there are a lot of people to credit.

Tie Fighter and Interceptor: James Bassett
Falcon: Andrew Cook
Death Star II: Thomas Banner
Frigate: Sean Kennedy
Calamari Cruiser: Bertrand Dejardin
Blockade Runner:Sean Kennedy
X-wing and Y-wing: Don Showalter
A-wing: Andre Muller
B-wing: Dr Harry Chang
Star Destroyer & Executor: Thomas Ganshorn