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Mar 8, 2017 – (444 views)

In my dreams – both subconscious and unconscious state, conscious acts is my paintings.
I think dreams are a form of human desire what may be exploring exaggeratingly and often time & space dominates these facts. Unstable and scary situation of non-a-days caused to evolutes or displaced form of dreams. In my painting dreamy and sometimes scary forms and isolations of different parts of composition is depict usability. I drawn to make a metaphor that is for sciatic mind, cur city and innocence of human personality.

Actually I request this innocent as a viewer. Forms like human portrait, paper aero plane, birds, staircases fishes or scary forms scattered all oven my composition and both are making a contrast with both selves with a surreal feeling. Some are very clear and some are obscure and some dreams are concluded in a single point. Basically in last words, I request unstable and scary situation of contemporary time & space with a dreamy metaphor and respond to my nostalgic arena that grows up consciously upon unconscious and subconscious state.