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How to set up your gallery and upload art

Step 1

Click the gear icon () at the top right of your page to bring up the control panel menu, then click Gallery > Upload art.

Step 2

Press the “Upload my art” button and select one or more files from your device. If you're using a desktop/laptop, hold the control (command on a Mac) button or drag around a group of files to upload a few at a time. You can also drag the files to the web page to start the upload on newer browsers.

Look on this page itself to see what types of files are allowed.

Step 3

After the art has finished uploading, you'll see an “Edit file details” button below each piece. Click that to bring up a screen that allows you to add all the important information about your art.

Enter a descriptive title, description, and keywords, which will help people find your art. Fields with a red asterisk are required. If your image has EXIF data, some of the fields might be filled out for you already, saving you time.

If you don't have any albums created, click the “Create album” link and type in a name (e.g. Photographs). Finally, click the “Create” button.

Adding pricing information

If you're selling your art, be sure to explain in the description what the buyer will get (a print or an original, say, and on what material). The shipping rate is optional, but you might want to enter a ballpark figure. You'll be able to edit the price to reflect the true shipping costs when someone buys your art.

Adding variations

You can add variations if you want to sell multiple versions of an item. One example would be a set of prints, where the image is the same, but the dimensions and prices vary. To add more than one variation, click the blue plus sign.

You're done!

When you're done, click the “Add to gallery” button. You can also click the “Delete file” link at the top of the page to remove the file completely.