Buying art directly from the artist

As you're browsing the gallery, you'll almost surely come across pieces listed for sale by the artist. You can recognize pieces sold directly by the creator by the large "Request" button on the gallery page, as shown below.

How to request art for sale

To start the purchasing process, click the Request button. Doing so brings up a form requesting your shipping details and contact information, plus a spot where you can send a personal message to the artist. You might want to ask questions, say why you're interested, etc.

Clear communication is key to a successful sale.

After you send off your request, the artist will be notified and have 3 days to respond. If they don't, the request will expire.

If they do respond, it will be to your email, most likely, so make sure the email you enter into the request form is valid and working.

After that, the two of you can work out shipping details, insurance, escrow, etc. Once you've both settled on an arrangement the transaction can occur and you can receive some amazing art!

Foundmyself isn't involved in the process except to get art buyers and art sellers together, and to help offer tools to make the transaction smoother.

Can't find what you're looking for?

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