Buying art

Shipping policy

Processing timeIt takes 2-7 business days to create a product and fulfill an order after you've purchased art through Foundmyself. After that, we'll ship your products to your door! Shipping time
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Satisfaction guarantee (Return policy)

Artwork you've purchased from Foundmyself is covered by a 30-day guarantee. What this means is that you can return your art within 30 days of receiving it, if,The artwork was damaged in shipping,
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Buying art through Foundmyself

Foundmyself offers products, like canvas prints, mugs, and phone cases, for sale across the site. You'll see buttons that look like this:Pressing any button reveals products you can buy with
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Buying art directly from the artist

As you're browsing the gallery, you'll almost surely come across pieces listed for sale by the artist. You can recognize pieces sold directly by the creator by the large "Request" button on the
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Can't find what you're looking for?

Please send along details of any issues you're having with the site and we'll get back to you.