How to handle purchase requests

If you add a price to a piece of art that you list on Foundmyself, buyers will be able to request the piece for purchase. Sales made this way are commission-free - we don't get involved in the transaction aside from connecting you with the buyer, and we don't take a cut of the sale.

How will I know if I have a request?

When you're signed in, visit your dashboard. There will be a red bell icon in the menu next to the "Requests" link. You'll also receive an email notification from the site. Here's what that section will look like when you have an active request:

You can either approve or deny a request. To approve the request, you'll need to enter your shipping and handling costs. After that, simply press the "Approve" button.

Before you approve a request

Remember, purchases made this way on Foundmyself are solely between you and the buyer, so clear communication is key. Watch out for suspicious behavior or locations, and it's best practice to at least have an email conversation with the potential buyer before moving on with the sale.

After you approve a request

Once you've approved the request, you'll need to complete the purchase in whatever manner you decided with the buyer.

If you set up your PayPal account on Foundmyself, then you'll be given a handy link that you can send to the buyer. The funds go directly to your PayPal account - not Foundmyself's.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Please send along details of any issues you're having with the site and we'll get back to you.