How to sell art free

Anyone with a Foundmyself account, whether they're on the Starter (free) plan or a Pro or Pro+ account, can sell art free. Foundmyself doesn't take a commission or charge a fee for posting art that you sell directly.

What does selling directly to a buyer mean? Basically, it means you handle the whole process, from shipping the art to handling the payment, returns, etc. Foundmyself doesn't get involved except to bring you together, and to facilitate the purchase where we can. For example, if you've set up your PayPal account (Dashboard / Settings / Payment), we'll give you a link that you can send to the buyer that they can use to pay you directly into your account.

How to sell art free

First log in, then head over to the upload section. Simply add a price to the listing, and when it's added to your gallery, you'll see a "Request" button the listing, as shown below. Shipping will be added by you later in the purchase process.

When a buyer clicks that button and fills out the form,  you'll receive a purchase request. Read more about purchase requests here.

That's really all there is to listing your art for sale on Foundmyself.

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