How to sort art and albums

By default, art in your gallery is sorted by age, with the newest items showing first. You can change the sort order, though - both of the art itself and the albums, too. Here's how.

First, log in and go to your dashboard (Profile image Dashboard). Then go to Settings Gallery Sort my art & albums.

How to change the order in which your art displays

Drag and drop your art in the order you want it to display. You can change albums by simply clicking the title of the album you want to view, but make sure to change your changes first.

How to order your albums

Ordering albums is also done by dragging and dropping them, but you need to "grab" them by the handle on the left-hand side of the album title. Don't forget to save changes when you're happy with the album order.

Reverting back to the original sorting

Any time you want to have an album display again with the newest art displayed first, just click the album to load the images, then scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see a "Reset sort order" checkbox, which you need to check, then click "Save changes."

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