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Getting started with Foundmyself – The best free art community & galleries around

Foundmyself is a free artist community that lets you share your work with other artists and art lovers, worldwide.

Unlike many other sites out there, we truly are free, in part because we allow all of our members to sell their art commission free. We run on the Honor system, and hope that when you sell art or find the community useful, you'll give back to support our efforts, and the other artists on this site. It's this give and take that keeps Foundmyself running and free of outside ads.

What first?

If you're an artist, you can sign up and start posting your art now! If you're interested in buying art, you can also sign up, which makes it easier to contact artists about their work, although you don't have to. No matter who you are, please enjoy your time on Foundmyself and take the time to get to know us!