Commonly-asked questions about how to use the Foundmyself website.

Can I really sell art free on Foundmyself?

Yes! You can sell art absolutely free, with no listing fees or commission taken.

Please read our guide on selling your art free for more information.

How does buying art online with Foundmyself work?

On Foundmyself there are two ways to shop for art:

  1. Buying art directly from the artist, and,
  2. Buying products sold by Foundmyself.

Buying art directly from the artist

Artists on Foundmyself can sell their work commission free, meaning they keep 100% of each sale (minus any fees they might incur outside of our website). We don't charge a listing fee, either.

You'll know you're purchasing from the artist when you see a large "Request" button on the artwork's page. Clicking this will bring up a contact form which will be sent to the artist. See this article for more information on buying art directly.

Buying products sold by Foundmyself

Another way artists sell art on Foundmyself is through our prints program. This includes customized products like mugs, canvas prints, phone cases, and more.

Shopping these products means you'll receive our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Please send along details of any issues you're having with the site and we'll get back to you.