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Selling art on Foundmyself

Note: the following applies to art not in the artStock collection. That's sold by us.

On Foundmyself, our artists are on the Honor System. That means art purchases are between you and the buyer.

How to add a “Buy now” button to your art

Buy now button

Displaying a purchase button next to your piece is easy. Just add a price when you're uploading your work.

That's it!

How to handle a purchase

If someone wants to purchase your art, you'll be sent an email with their details and a link to the piece they'd like to buy.

It's up to you to determine, with the buyer, how the transaction will proceed. The more communication between the two of you, the better.

Using PayPal to handle the payment

If you use PayPal, great! You can send the buyer a link to a customized checkout page that goes directly to your PayPal account. Here's how:

  • Step 1: Set up your payment preferences.

    Make sure you have PayPal set up here with a valid, working account.

  • Step 2: Finalize your price.

    Once you and the buyer agree on a final price (including shipping and handling), update the price/shipping fees on your piece by viewing it in your gallery and editing it with the new information.

  • Step 3: Send the buyer the checkout link.

    Use the tool below to generate a link. Just copy and paste the full URL of your art (e.g. into the form below.

Checkout link generator

NOTE: This only works if you've completed all three steps above.

You earn 100%

We don't take a percentage of your sale, since Foundmyself runs on the Honor System.

Making safe sales

Again, since the sale isn't handled by Foundmyself, you might want to look into using an escrow service, or find other ways to ensure a safe transaction.

The more clear communication between you and the artist, the better.