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Shortcuts & tips

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Shift + R
    • Takes you to a random image from the gallery
  • Shift + E
    • When used inside an artist's gallery, this will take you to a random image of theirs
  • Shift + T
    • Scroll to the top of the page. Useful when viewing long pages.
  • Left and right arrow keys
    • When viewing images within a gallery or an album with multiple images or pages, this will load the next (right arrow key) and previous (left arrow key) image or page.
  • Escape key
    • Closes the overlay when you're viewing the large size of an image. You can use this instead of clicking the “X” at the top right of the image.

Site requirements

Foundmyself uses modern web technology to bring you an immersive and interactive experience. If you're having any trouble using the site, please make sure you have JavaScript and cookies enabled, and that your browser is compatible (see list below). Basically any modern browser will work just fine, so if you're having trouble, it can't hurt to update.

Compatible browsers (partial list):