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How to sort your albums and art

Sorting your art

  • Go to the Control panel > Gallery > Sort art.
  • Click an album on the left to load its images.
  • Drag and drop the images in the order you'd like.
  • Click “Update” to save your changes.

Album options

Below the thumbnails you'll see options for each album. Here's what they are and what they do:

  • Hide this album
    • This option makes the album and all images within it private, so that only you can see it.
  • Reset order
    • Checking this overrides any custom sort order you have for the album, and sets it to newest first.
  • Delete album
    • Deleting the album irreversibly deletes all images, comments, votes, event updates and other information associated with that album. Be careful!
  • Change album name
    • To change the album's name, simply type the new name in the box containing the old name.

Moving images between albums

  • Click and drag any image in the open album to another album. The album box will turn green, showing you that it's ready to accept the image.
  • Once the image(s) are in the correct album(s), click the update button, and the images will be re-sorted into the albums you've chosen.
  • If you accidentally drag an image into the wrong album, you can drag the small thumbnail to the appropriate album, including back to the current one.

Sorting your albums

  • On the left, click the small bar on top of an album box (it has a small, green, 'four-arrow' icon).
  • Drag the album up or down the list.
  • Update your changes, and your album section will now display albums in the order you've chosen.

Setting an album thumbnail

By default, album previews show the latest image uploaded, or the top image in your custom sort order if you have one. Alternatively, you can double click any image in an album to make it your album thumbnail, which shows as the album preview regardless of sort order. You'll know which image is your album thumb because there will be a small star on the lower right side of the thumbnail in sort mode.

To remove the album thumbnail and have the album go back to showing the top most image in the album, just double click it again, which removes the star. Don't forget to update to save your changes.