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Watching artists' updates

When you're a member of Foundmyself, the front page turns into your dashboard and gives you a quick look at updates around the site and with your gallery.

When you watch someone by clicking the “Watch artist” link in their gallery, you'll get to see what activities they've been up to. These include art that they've uploaded, comments they've made, votes they've cast and more. You'll also see quickly who commented on your art and on which piece.

Setting your watch preferences

By default, all artists can be watched. The only events that are updated for anyone watching you are public anyway, such as commenting and uploading art. It's also a great way to keep interested people updated with your latest work.

However, if you'd prefer not to allow others to watch you, you can change the setting at any time. Anyone who was watching you will no longer see your updates on their dashboard, including events that happened before you turned off watching.

To disable or enable the ability for others to watch your updates, go to the Control panel > Settings. You'll see a checkbox there to set this permission. Make sure you click the blue button to save your changes.