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Buy art online, sell art free with the Honor System


Foundmyself art community runs on the Honor System

Trust is what powers the Honor System. We let you sell your art commission free and keep 100% of your sales. What we ask is that you give back if you find the site fun, useful, worthy of support, or if you make a sale.

You can use the Honor Points you earn to buy real items from the shop.

How to earn Honor Points:

Participate in the forum

Each post you make in the forum, whether it's entering a contest, offering an art critique, or just saying hello, earns you points.

Vote & comment on art

Helpful and insightful comments on others' work in the gallery is another way to get Honor.


Since FM doesn't take commissions on art sold directly by the artist, donations help keep the site updated and running, and also earn you Honor Points.

Honor System FAQ

What is the honor system?

With our “Honor System” policy, Foundmyself is stepping into uncharted territories. Never before has an art community given the artist all the tools they need to share their creations, sell their art, and customize their galleries without any mandatory cost. The entire system is based on trust.

If you make a sale, find the site useful, or are just feeling generous and want to support the community, we ask that you make an honorable donation. Doing so keeps the site free and updated.

Don't other sites let me sell art free?

Most other art sites that claim to be free actually charge commission and take money from every sale, or charge for a subscription. We give you all the tools and let you keep your money up front, trusting that you'll give back what you think is fair.

What do I get?

You get every feature we have to offer. Every person with a free account can sell their art, view statistics, style their gallery, and use all the tools and goodies on Foundmyself.

What is Honorability?

You'll find that how much you participate in the forum and comment section of the gallery, how long you've been a member, and how much money you've donated to the site will adjust your honor level (or “Honorability”). This status indicator (shown by this icon...

Honor meter sample your profile and posts) lets other members know how much you value our community. Members with high Honorability get special perks, such as a higher position on the front page, in the gallery, and in search results. Additionally, members with high honor can exchange their honor for items on the site, like advertising space, for example.

Art gallery hits compared to percentage of Honorability
Correlation between hits and honor percentage (1/2016)

Can't I just cheat the system?

Of course you can, but if you do, you're also cheating all the other artists on the site. Plus, your Honorability will suffer, and your exposure and ability to make a sale will as well. On top of that, it's just a crappy thing to do, and we know you wouldn't want to do anything crappy.

OK, sounds great! Where do I start?

If you've already registered, you're ready to go! Just set up your art gallery as outlined in the help section if you haven't already, and start telling people where to find your art. We'll do our part to expose your art as well, as we have been doing all along.

Keep track of your sales and ask contacts where they discovered your art. If you feel like Foundmyself has been a good influence, please give back.

How/where do I donate?

You can donate here. Please see the donation recommendations on that page for suggestions.