jack scott

Jul 08, 2012


acrylic on card stock
17" x 22"


this piece consists of two separate facial images combining into one.

jack scott

jack scott


About the artist

so much to tell, so little time to show you what i see my friend. i can only reflect what is within me. every piece is filled with the internal things that are within myself. i am exposing myself to the world, naked and i refuse to be ashamed. this is who i am. I am Jack Scott, the greatest ever, i now only have to prove it. do i doubt myself? yes, at times i do. do i really believe that? absolutely. if you doubt it then i say you really haven't looked at my work have you or maybe you are just incapable of seeing what i put in front of you. i commonly do the imaging in my work two to four layers deep and multiple imaging is intense. my comps are excellent, excellent values. what i lack is color but that will come, then you will know that what i am saying is true. ok, we won't say greatest yet but i can promise you one thing and that is it won't be boring

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