The cat

The cat

jack scott

Jun 16, 2012


pen and ink
8.5 x 11


I would explain it to you, but that takes away any effort on your part. Madness or brilliance, I'm not sure

jack scott

jack scott


About the artist

so much to tell, so little time to show you what i see my friend. i can only reflect what is within me. every piece is filled with the internal things that are within myself. i am exposing myself to the world, naked and i refuse to be ashamed. this is who i am. I am Jack Scott, the greatest ever, i now only have to prove it. do i doubt myself? yes, at times i do. do i really believe that? absolutely. if you doubt it then i say you really haven't looked at my work have you or maybe you are just incapable of seeing what i put in front of you. i commonly do the imaging in my work two to four layers deep and multiple imaging is intense. my comps are excellent, excellent values. what i lack is color but that will come, then you will know that what i am saying is true. ok, we won't say greatest yet but i can promise you one thing and that is it won't be boring

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