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Merrie Monarch Aloha Hula
Hula dance
Exotic Dancer
Yellow Sunser
Monet's Sunlit Pond
Yellow Rose Bouquet
Wahine 11
Island Gir, Hula V
Yellow Rose
Red Roses for my Sweetheart
Moonlit Wave
Blue Rose on Magenta
Gardenia on Blue
White Peony
Aloha Hula 11
Lighthouse 11
Diamond Head Waves
Hula Grass Skirt
Aloha Hula 1
North Shore wave
Lighthouse 1
Wahine 1
Surreal Poppies
Stallion in the Moonlight
Peony Love
Garden Arches
Red Peace
Turquoise Rose
Red Rose Two
Whimsical Hawaiian Hut Flip Flops
Hawaiian Hut Slippers by the Door