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City apartments

City apartments

kah wah tan


Dec 2, 2014 – (635 views)

Abstract rendition of section of highrise next to park


Nicely done.
Feb 1, 2017 – Looie25
coming from you, Granddaddyearl...its a good compliment as your art is painstakingly detailed and filled with imagination. It takes time to look at every twist/swirl in your paintings....thanks....
Jan 31, 2017 – kah wah tan
Nice, grandaddyearl
Jan 31, 2017 – Grandaddyearl
interesting combination of colors nice one
Dec 17, 2015 – LykkeHjerte
Fantastic work Cant stop looking at it
Aug 7, 2015 – Chris fairl
This received my full attention!
Apr 15, 2015 – Klinkhammer-Art
thanks Michail....may our paths as aspiring artists be graced by Destiny
Jan 28, 2015 – kah wah tan
WOW it's amazing!!!!
Jan 27, 2015 – Michail hazin
Appreciate your compliment....but I still have to remember that there are thousands of artists, trying like us to express "something inside " for the outside....thanks and peace while you art.
Jan 6, 2015 – kah wah tan
You are a true artists WOW
Jan 5, 2015 – jeanann

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