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Purple pregnancy

Purple pregnancy

kah wah tan


Mar 20, 2015 – (948 views)

Sketch of pregnant girl in purple dress


Thanks much Grandaddyearl....yes...I sort of drifted out of FMS but am always delighted to be drawn back by the regulars like you and a few others. I did paint quite a good bit last 2 years in Chinese/ink style and will load a few again....Blessings
Oct 12, 2019 – kah wah tan
Nice., enjoyed the exaggeration. Have not heard from you recently. Hope all is well. Grandaddyearl
Oct 12, 2019 – Grandaddyearl
Coming from a skillful artist....very complimented...thanks
Jan 21, 2016 – kah wah tan
Very beautiful !
Jan 21, 2016 – MARIAKARALYOS
Dec 20, 2015 – ShubinArt Photo
Well done. Large painting inspirational.
Jun 21, 2015 – RJMellon

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