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War Ponies.

War Ponies.



Sep 11, 2008 – (1291 views)

Handcrafted and painted Leather with real hair mane, feathers and rope added for effect. This is one that I have just done, as a Donation to a local Childrens charity silent auction to be held by a Reining horse Trainer here in TX. I am intending to cut some mane back, and leave some neck mane hanging over the frame.

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Beautiful ! great job
Feb 6, 2010 – momina muzaffar
Excellent achievement ...
Aug 10, 2009 – sorinapostolescu
Gorgeous ... I'd like to have them myself!
May 21, 2009 – SharsArt
Mar 3, 2009 – Florian
Still doing a great job, my friend.
Dec 10, 2008 – Gary Dee
great coloring
Dec 9, 2008 – Ironmonkey

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