Nancekuke Chemical Warfare Laboratory Faux Biology Specimens

Nancekuke Chemical Warfare Laboratory Faux Biology Specimens


Sep 09, 2016

Jars approx 14cm High


Nancekuke Chemical Warfare Laboratory Faux Biology Specimens

FACT: Nancekuke (Nr Portreath) in Cornwall was a UK chemical defense establishment up until its closure. Insecticides, nerve gas & many other unpleasant nasty things were produced on site.

Material used: Kitchen foil, Polymer clay, Acrylic paint, H2O, glass storage bottles.

NFS; (Private Collection) Shown here as an example of Kuriology sculptures.




About the artist

Kuriology art sculptures are from studio workshop of a cognitive disabled self-taught artist/sculptor living in rural Cornwall, UK.

The artist is clinically forensically diagnosed with cognitive disability of PTSD, catastrauphic trauma, severe anxiety, panic attacks & agoraphobia as a result of a prolonged period of more than a decade of instigated hate crime vendetta. Housebound, remaining creative an antidote to mind numbing boredom of day time television.

The Kuriologist:

"My art inspiration comes from a love of museum ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ collections, Natural History & classical Greek/Roman figurative & mythology sculpture. With occasional slight zest of dark Gothic macabre, steampunk or witchcraft elements".


Many of the Kuriology sculptures are Assemblage, Mixed Medium, or Papier-mache in form construction. Wherever possible sculptures are created using re-purposed, found & recycled materials.  This is driven as much by ecconomics of circumstance as it is over environmental concerns.

Tentatively now showing sculptural works on various websites  

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