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Мир художника Марка Макарова

Мир художника Марка Макарова



Mar 26, 2016 – (306 views)


of the Picture of Mark is absolutely special world. It is the world of myths, legends, the experiences which are born in a shower of the artist. In the childhood Mark was ill not with beauty of the light sky, not a green grass, and chaos of abstract radiations of accidents of a life. Breaks of the life, rises and falling in world around have generated feelings of the boy. From early age when its contempoparies drew the sun and small houses, it worked with lines, expressing them the mood, the attitude, grief and pleasure.

Mark's further career was usual: in ten years - employment in a workshop of artist S.Y.Lindina, then hobby for a sculpture and ceramics in the Palace of pioneers and employment with other artists. But the cube and spheres were cold comfort for the person who aspired to self-expression, to free flight. In 1980 it acts in hour school, works at a factory, serves in the Navy of the USSR on Northern Fleet. And only in 1987 Mark again comes back to painting and figure and acts in the Moscow pedagogical institute of a name of V.I.Lenin on is art-graphic faculty. Studying in institute, however, as well as now, in art for itself(himself) it considers as the main thing freedom of expression.

Mark Makarov - the versatile artist, the painter, станковый the schedule, the illustrator. Its figurative vision of the world that romantic, grotesque, but the main line of its creativity - the person looking in a essence of a life.

It composes own myths and legends: " Ловчий "," Travel to Egypt "," Birds " - all its works bear on themselves a press of irrepressible imagination of the artist. Many images of Mark are so unusual, that sometimes to the spectator there is difficultly their "prohonour". Some erudition, knowledge of history, philosophy, and also presence of imagination is necessary For full understanding of its creativity.

And still it is not necessary to do a conclusion, t